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In today's on-line world, offline dictionaries are not needed anymore. Thank you for your support.



-LIVE Dictionary 2.06
-Language versions
-Compatible mobiles
-How to install?
-How to buy?
-LIVE Teacher 1.03
Learning tool for mobile phone: Flashcards vocabulary training etc.

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LIVE Dictionarywhere is ENG-JAPANESE? PBY (en)2015/12/01, 18:08
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LIVE DictionaryJapanese - Kanji one coming soon? Unknown (en)2015/12/01, 17:44
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UtiSoft (General)Welcome to UtiSoft.com forum UtiSoft (en)2014/06/02, 21:53
UtiSoft (General)Announcement: New applications UtiSoft (en)2013/11/29, 00:38

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