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Live Teacher - learning function

17:30 Thursday
04 October 2007

The idea of being able to easily save words you look up to a flash card program is a fantastic idea and it works very well.

However I am finding your Live Teacher program a little too simplistic - as it does not remember which words you have learnt. Each time you run a theme it asks you the same list of words over and over. It would be much better if it moved words that you got correct to another list. If LiveTeacher had this functionality it would be a killer app.

10:02 Friday
05 October 2007


did you try the examination mode? It is more sophisticated than just putting words to another list of words.

You can rate your knowledge of every word by three notes: Great, Mediocre and Bad. Depending on this rating the Teacher will decide when it asks you about the same word again. If your knowledge was bad, you will be asked the same word very early.

Moreover your average knowledge of every word is being computed. You can see it in upper right corner of the screen. Next time when you start the examination, the words will be sorted by this average knowledge from worst to best. So you repeat most frequently the words which you know the worst. And that's the point :)

15:25 Thursday
25 October 2007

This may be the application I've been looking for. I have a BlackBerry 8820 and finding a flashcard application for the BB platform is difficult if next to impossible. So, I have opted for a flashcard application for the mobile phone. I know that this is marketed as a vocab-building tool, but have already tried using it as a Q&A Flashcard program (and it seems to work - so it has promise). Because I can only see the trial version, I don't know the full potential and limitations of the app. So before I commit, a few questions:
1. Does the Question or Answer fields have a limit on the number of characters?
2. I see there is a self-assessment on a particular question, does this get tracked somewhere? Or does this feed into how the questions are cycled?
3. Is there a way to do an examine without the tracking? Want to practice memorization without self-assessment?
4. Is there a limit on the number of themes?
Thanks in advance for your response.

17:44 Thursday
25 October 2007

Hello, I think that LIVE Teacher will serve your needs. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Number of characters in Question and Answer fields is unlimited.

2. Yes, the self-assessment is used to determine when the question should be repeated. You can see your average in upper right corner of every question.

3. Yes, you can use "View questions" instead of "Examine". You can also set the question order in Menu in "Viewing options". So you can for example view the questions in random order.

4. Number of themes also unlimited. The only limit is free memory. You can see the amount of free memory if you choose the item "Information" in main menu of LIVE Teacher.

06:09 Friday
26 October 2007

Thank you very much for the prompt reply. Sorry but a few more questions:
1. Is there a way to reduce the font size, background, etc.?
2. I created answers with hard returns, but when I go into view or examination mode, the hard returns disappear and everything shows up in one line. Is there a way to fix that?
3. With regards to the view mode, is there a way to hide the responses.
4. Is there a way to create multiple choice questions?
5. Would it be possible to attach pictures in either the question or answer choices?

Thanks for your responses (again).

08:22 Monday
29 October 2007


if a program for mobile phone had all those features, it would be too complicated for users. So answer to all questions is no :-)

However, for question 3 I have a solution: Use the examination mode instead of learning mode. If you don't want any use the ratings, then go to menu, choose "Exam options" and set "Question order" to "Normal". Then the order of questions will not be influenced by your notes and you can simply ignore the self-assessment.

21:44 Monday
05 November 2007

I installed the application on my Nokia E61i this evening. I was looking for a help/FAQ file, but cannot find one. When I am in exam mode, how do I chose Great/Mediocre/Bad? The obvious answer would be keys 1, 2, and 3, but this does not work (neither r, t, y, nor blue-fn r, t, y, which should produce 1, 2, 3, works)


09:18 Wednesday
07 November 2007


it should be possible to choose Great/Mediocre/Bad by pressing keys 1/2/3. Nokia E61i has a special encoding of keypad codes, so it is possible that it doesn't work. I will inspect the code now and I will post you the repaired version on this forum.

10:23 Wednesday
07 November 2007


please try to install this version of Teacher. It should now work with the new E61 encoding. Note that you have to launch this version of teacher directly, NOT from LIVE Dictionary.

Please let me know if it works.

19:26 Wednesday
07 November 2007

That works great, thank you - will now go and buy a license! :-)


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