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In today's on-line world, offline dictionaries are not needed anymore. Thank you for your support.



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Learning tool for mobile phone: Flashcards vocabulary training etc.

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Dictionary installation on Sony-Ericsson K770i

Maximum dictionary size recommended by producer: unlimited
Maximum dictionary size tested: not tested yet

You can often overstep the maximum size limits, so try to install the dictionary proto on your mobile even if it is larger than recommended, or it has not been tested yet.

Installation procedure

Installation on Sony-Ericsson mobiles is very simple:
  1. Download the desired dictionary as .jar file from our website.
  2. For installation on Sony-Ericsson we recommend either standard software, which has been delivered on a CD with your mobile, or a great floAt's Mobile Agent, which can be used for free. Download it from SourceForge here, or directly from our server here.
  3. Further steps will be described using floAt's Mobile Agent. Now please install and run floAt's Mobile Agent.
    After you set up your connection type (in menu Tools->Options...->General), choose the command "Connect" in menu "Phone" of float's Mobile Agent.
  4. If everything is set-up correctly and the mobile is connected to your computer, you choose the command Upload from menu Action and select the location of downloaded .jar file. This will install the dictionary and make it ready for use.
If you have found an error or inconsistency in this guide, please let us know.

If you figure out some useful information during the installation on this mobile, which could be useful also for other users, please leave us a message. We will add your information to this page to help the others. If you have tested a larger version of dictionary in this mobile, please write us as well!

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