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In today's on-line world, offline dictionaries are not needed anymore. Thank you for your support.



-LIVE Dictionary 2.06
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-LIVE Teacher 1.03
Learning tool for mobile phone: Flashcards vocabulary training etc.

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Italian - English (English - Italian) dictionary

LIVE Dictionary is fast dictionary for mobile phones. General information here.

Number of translations: 51.974

Classical mobile phone Download .jar
Download .jad
465.83 Kč excl. VAT16.49 € excl. VAT$ 22.95 excl. VAT563.65 Kč incl. VAT19.95 € incl. VAT$ 27.77 incl. VAT


Buy LIVE Dictionary 2 EN-IT Classic (Maxi) for classical mobile phone or BlackBerry

BlackBerry Download .cod
Download .alx
Android Download .apk 465.83 Kč excl. VAT16.49 € excl. VAT$ 22.95 excl. VAT563.65 Kč incl. VAT19.95 € incl. VAT$ 27.77 incl. VAT


Buy LIVE Dictionary 2 EN-IT Android

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Reduced dictionary versions (Download only if your mobile doesn't support regular dictionary size.)

Which version to choose?

On Android simply download the application in .apk format. On classical mobiles and BlackBerry see the Compatibility chart to find out, which version of dictionary fits to your type of mobile phone.

How to load the dictionary to my mobile?

  • You can download the dictionary directly to your mobile using WAP. Just open wap.utisoft.com in the mobile and choose the version that you need.

  • Another way is to download the LIVE dictionary to your PC from this page, and then send it to your mobile using data cable, infraport or bluetooth. In this case you usually need to download the jar file.

  • You can get more information in our installation manual.

What improvements are in the newest version of dictionary?

  • Current version which you can download from this website is LIVE Dictionary 2.06. For changes and improvements in this version see the changelog.

What discounts will I get?

  • Discount on second and every following product which you buy in the same order is 15%
  • If you buy 10 and more products in one order, you will get a discount of 30% on everything.
  • If you are purchasing more of our software products for your company, contact us for a special offer.
  • If you are buying an upgrade to a newer version, the discount can be up to 50%. For upgrade please fill in your old registration number in the shopping cart.

What else is good to know?

  • Every dictionary allows you to translate in both directions. (From first language to the second and vice versa)

  • Every license is usable even for dictionaries of smaller size.
    If you for example buy the registration number for EN-DE Maxi, you can install EN-DE Normal or EN-DE Mini instead. It will work with the registration number for Maxi version.

  • One license cannot be used on more mobiles. If your need to have the full version of LIVE Dictionary installed on more mobiles, you need to buy more licenses.


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