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In today's on-line world, offline dictionaries are not needed anymore. Thank you for your support.



-LIVE Dictionary 2.06
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-LIVE Teacher 1.03
Learning tool for mobile phone: Flashcards vocabulary training etc.

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Guide to install LIVE Dictionary on your mobile

You can easily install the dictionary on your mobile using this guide. After installation, the dictionary will run in trial-mode, in which it is limited to words from A to E. If you like the dictionary, you can buy it.
After buying you will receive registration code, which you will enter to the dictionary to unlock it for the rest of the alphabet. This means that after buying you don't have to reinstall the dictionary, you just have to enter the registration code.

There are two possible ways how to install the dictionary to your mobile:

1. Installation using WAP

If you nave correctly configured WAP on your mobile, you can just enter the WAP page wap.utisoft.com to browser in your mobile. Installation will then proceed automatically.

The disadvantage of installing over WAP is, that you have to pay a fee for using WAP to your mobile operator. Download of one dictionary can then be quite expensive. The information on current WAP fees is available from your operator.

Whether you install over WAP or from your computer, the dictionary will run in trial mode at first, so it will search only words from A to E. To unlock all words you have to obtain the registration code as described at the top of this page.

2. Installation over the computer

To install using your computer you need to have a connection between your mobile and the computer, for example using cable, infrared port (IrDA), or Bluetooth.

First of all you need to download the dictionary to your computer. On page Language versions you can choose the dictionary that you want to install, and download it to your computer as .jar file.

Then connect the mobile to your computer and install the .jar file using software from your mobile's vendor. This step may differ on different mobiles. For more information on installation on your type of mobile choose the type of your mobile in the list of compatible mobiles.

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